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A new generation of football side swimming FIFA Online 4 first open transfer such as stock market


2018/1/16 10:28:40   
FIFA Online 4 engine composed of FIFAs latest single engine optimization. A new engine performance comprehensive breakthrough on visual sense, fine players and scene modeling for players to experience the magic of football in zero distance. FIFA Online 4 gameplay is improved at the same time, after years of precipitation and accumulation in football game AI will make the FIFA Online 4 players experience fun little game.

Attack AI, the players have made a significant change in the movement of the processing, AI forward more active in the mobile warfare, forward time, and it is also more accurate and at the same time the new players tactical system can give players more thoroughly realize the players tactical intention. Sense of place of ground offensive player AI has better reflect: AI will not only take the initiative to meet the ball overlapping make cooperate more smoothly, at the same time after the defensive players in attack, other defensive player covering more reasonable.


Defensive AI, have to mention the introduction of new strategic defensive, the arrangement of the players on the defensive and perform more operation space, also very can reflect the operating level. When players focus on the stick are closing down, defense covering and the remote work degree of dependence on AI also improved, the whole show closer to the real football, defensive efficiency has a larger ascension. The default defense model for automatic game, players can be set in the operating menu of defensive this setting.

As for the ball separation system, also makes the game set pieces also had the new change, the player on the processing of all kinds of set pieces have more space, to the players more tactical options, believes the player can play to creativity in the game, create more splendid goal.
CARDS new routines, reinforcing failure is not zero
Pellets players in the current FIFA Online 4 management system, the player can manage a total of 100 players, is divided into two parts: the first rotation of the first team and reserves, each tier players up to 50 people. Can surprise in the technical tests, strengthen the system optimization than the generation of product has the experience, every time can choose 1-5 players as strengthening material, the strengthening materials and by strengthening the players without the same players, if improved materials and be improved player is consistent when a probability trigger crit, restore and strengthen the failure probability when players to strengthen level. Choose the more materials to strengthen the higher probability addition, players after strengthening to a specific level can open hidden ability. For small make up, the largest of the Gospel is that card wont be so broken, the card party can approach has allowed him to go!

Enter the transfer market, first of all, can be seen in the popular player list now hot style players, price rise, the highest price, query times. In respect of trade, the generation of players on one of the most vexing problem is often cant buy the wonderful player, in FIFA Online 4, dont have to keep struggling in the game, players before! When buying players, can see the three players in the transfer market lowest selling price and buy the three highest price, pay higher than the lowest selling price to complete the purchase immediately. Input amount is outside the range, generates the pre single, to buy/sell an appointment booking order to complete the deal. The whole process is very simple and fluent, and mechanism is relatively fair, I believe players will fall in love with such an experience!

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