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The two legends of FIFA 18 were staged and the reaction of chemical reaction was changed from green to red.


2018/4/8 11:09:20   
In mmowowgold the early hours of yesterday morning, a superstar commercial tournament was held in Basel, Switzerland.
50 legendary superstars who once enjoyed world-famous football participated in the competition. Among them were Maradona, Trezeguet, Materazzi, Mourinho, Kruivet, and Roberto Card. Lois, Mendieta, Aspria, Alan Shearer, Infinito, Crespo, Robichien and other famous stars, however, when the introduction of the lineup before the game, there has been embarrassing The scene.
When the host introduced him to Kluyvit, the Dutch legend who stood on the edge chose to go all the way to walk and shake hands with the stars, passing Kruivett who had been touched by Mourinho. When the referee shook hands, he came to Maradona, and the King extended his right hand to shake hands with Kluivet. The Dutch ignored the friendly Maradona and went straight to the old door-keeper of Italy, Perugia. , making the scene once very embarrassing.
The old horse looked at Kruivet and was overwhelmed. He did not know whether this times behavior was due to Kruiverts inadvertent omission of the ball king or his intention.

Although there is no intersection between the two men in their careers, the two are deeply loved by the players in the game. In FIFA 18, Maradona and Kluivert are both legendary players. Although they are in different eras, they can form chemical connections and fight side by side in the game. High match Maradonas ability to reach 97 in the game, 90 sprint speed and 94 acceleration let him almost no one can catch up in the game, 97s possession of the ball is even more showing the peak of Maradonas unparalleled disk With ability. Beyond the first time, his free-kick ability was also very impressive, reaching 96.
Although the overall rating of Kruijvit is high compared with old horses, it still has a place in the game due to its excellent model and physical fitness. In the game, he responded extremely fast and he had a very strong shooting power, reaching 92. His heading accuracy was also 92. His header ability was also excellent. With 90 shots, it is definitely an excellent restricted area killer.

In FIFA OL3, Maradona, the ultimate legend, and the world-famous Kluivert are also indispensable players in the players lineup. In FIFA OL3, Kluivert was not worth much in the legend of the world. The ability value is not the strongest, but his height is 188cm. His header ability is very good, often can enter some difficult goals for the player, and is liked by his players like Keremi.
With a height of only 165cm, the smaller Maradona was the lowest-priced player in the ultimate legend except for the goalkeeper Yassin, but this does not mean that the Argentine king is less capable in the game. In the game, although it is impossible to complete the shooting with the excellent defender, it is difficult to leaping the header with a high score on the corner kick. However, the exquisite speed of the old horse still has its own killer. If Donna uses his skillful skills to get out of the guard, then it will be a nightmare for all the goalkeepers.
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